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Alternative: おいしい関係 ; 美味的關係 ; 맛있는 관계 ; A Delicious Relationship ; Delicious Relationship ; Tasty Affinity
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Author(s): Makimura Satoru
Genre: Drama , Josei , Romance,
Status: Completed
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Fujiwara Momoe, a girl who loves to eat, was raised by her rich parents eating only the best. When her father dies from heart disease and Momoe has to support her and her mother, she can't stand the food that she makes(she never cooked before). One day, she walks into a little French restaurant and recognizes the food from its taste. She had eaten it several years earlier when celebrating her birthday at a 5-star restaurant with her parents. She asks to work there as a cook under the head chef, Oda-san. She falls in love with Oda, but he doesn't notice her feelings and only considers her an annoying apprentice. This series goes through joy and heartbreak, as experienced by Momoe. How does the situation end?Note: Was also made into an 11-part Jdrama, and a 20-part Taiwanese drama

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